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Welcome to the megatravesti.com Traffic Exchange!

megatravesti.com is an advertising portal that will deliver a deluge of autosurf web site traffic to your site right from the moment you join! When you are a member of our program your web site becomes part of a web site traffic surfing community of top managed autosurf traffic exchanges and it will be shown to tens of thousands of top users from around the world, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can get thousands of unique hits to your web site daily with megatravesti.com!

All you have to do is sign up for a FREE account and open your browser and let our program do all the work for you, earning you massive amounts of credits and page views every single day. We'll even start you off with 1,000 Free Credits in your account. You can easily allocate them any way you like amongst your urls and it takes just only a few moments to get started. All that we ask is that you be an active part of the community and surf sites (about 60 minutes of effortless auto surfing) each week. In return you'll get thousands of visitors to your sites and earn referrals and massive credits!

How It All Works . . .

    1. First you will need to signup for your own Free Member Account.
    2. Allocate your 1,000 Free Credits to your website and set up more urls.
    3. You can Surf to Earn More Credits, Buy Advertising, Upgrade Account etc.

      Our Membership Benefits . . .

      Why you should surf our network of traffic exchanges. . .

      • We give away free referrals to our active surfers.
      • We have SURFX10 surfing contest every month at one of our exchanges.
      • We reward you for reporting bad urls to us.
      • We give you 4 promotional links that earn you up to 5 credits per view.
      • We get new members surfing each and every day.

      So be part of the team of traffic exchange professionals today! Simply signup and whenever you want to receive More Free Website Traffic you just click your personal 'Auto Surf' link and let your browser run OR . . . you can even set your Browser's Start Page to surf your Auto Surf page, open it up and let it run and you'll get traffic to your website right away. That is all you have to do to get lots of free traffic! How cool is that? Go for it, you'll be happy you did!

      small Job Market

      You'll get paid cash money for all your small jobs and services.
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      Paid To Click

      We share the revenue from our advertisers with you, the users.
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      System Statistics

      Active Members 8845
      New Members This Month 2
      New Members Last Month 10

      Top 10 Surfers (Last 7 Days)

      (ID) Name Sites
      Jean-Marie Tremblay23523
      Angelo M5868
      shiwei gao5047
      Big John3964
      Olabode Ojoade147
      rebekah stickler98

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